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Providing support to the community.

dance teacher giving children zumba fitness class in gym
Divine Royal Care provides Supported community connections day programs. Our SCC is 100% community-based. This is facilitated by highly trained, passionate, and experienced with many years providing service to our DD population. Input is solicited from each program participant regarding preferred activities and how they wish to spend their days to ensure activities are meaningful and directed by the person receiving services.

Some examples of program activities are listed below, these are not all-encompassing as new ideas are developed on an ongoing basis as people’s skills and interests grow and develop.

Explore community parks, a tour of interesting places, e.g. US Mine, Coors, Celestial Tea Factory, etc. Animal Hospitals – visit and volunteer; Physical activities at community gyms and centers. Outdoor games – basketball; Botanical Gardens, Zoo (free pass), Hiking on trails. Walking around the city meeting, etc., visiting with community members. Adopt a trail, volunteer, at outdoor areas (Food Bank, ARC, McDonald’s House). Explore and volunteer at community gardens, swimming, picnic lunches, Miniature golf (membership) at Top Golf, driving range, bowling, etc.

Interaction with members of the community are encouraged and facilitated at every opportunity